Friday, 18 May 2018

Newton`s three law`s of motion gravity and force

This week in room 2 we have been learning about  science and the three law`s of motion gravity and force. We did activity`s that involve`s the three law`s so the first activity we did was we had a cup and 1 chocolate coin and a piece of card board. So first we place the cup on a flat table and the card board on top then we put the coin on the card board. Then we pull the card board with force and motion then the coin should fall into the cup.

Monday, 30 April 2018

my great holiday

In the school holiday`s my dad came back from wanganui that`s down the line if you don`t know. When my dad came to auckland me my brother and baby sister went to go get new shoe`s and clothes then we went to nana`s house to have dinner. Then after dinner we had to do the dishes and when we finished that we watched one movie and went to sleep. Then the next day my dad went back to wanganui we dropped him off to the airport then we went back to my nana`s house.