Thursday, 17 November 2016

motat trip

Walt: think critically about texts

One day all the year 5s went on a trip to motat and two little boys went to the bathroom there names are De Niro and William. When they came out of the bath room there group was gone back to scqhool they were locked inside we slept in a little scary house with spider webs and spiders.

De Niro and william went to find food and water they found water but no food. ‘Man were never gonna find food’ said William ‘dont worry’ said De Niro look its almost day time so there gonna open the gates so we get out of this horrifiying motat.

That morning the gates opened and got out safly a happy ‘yaaaaaaaahoooooooo we made it’ said william ‘man i thought we had to stay there for ever’ said De Niro ‘ok back home now’ said William ‘yeah i geuss so’ said De Niro ‘by De Niro’ said William ‘by’ said De Niro.the end

Monday, 14 November 2016

True or False quiz

Walt: to synthesise information across multiple texts.

Task description: this is about washing machines.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Moon

Have you ever been in space well your gonna hear a story about space.

One dark and stormy night there was a 18 year old boy called De Niro he was a guy that always goes up into space to fix the satalight but one night the rocket ship broke down. He landed on the planet MOON. If you want to hear the full story click the link below.

Friday, 16 September 2016

De Niro's Olympic's Movie.

De Niro Olympic from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

The Olympic`s

Have Any of you heard that the Rio 2016 Olympic`s are starting today I`m so excited are you Excited.

To day is Friday the 5th of August Today the 2016 Rio Olympic`s Are you excited for it cause i am. I will be voting for Valerie Adams Because she won 3 gold medals two silvers and 1 barons For throwing the shot put so far. Valerie Adams Last would record was

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

pick a path presentation by De Niro

Walt: write multiple endings to a story.

Task Description: Click the links in this presentation and it will take you to a slide.

pick a path

Walt: write multiple endings to a story.
Once upon a time there was a guy named fin that could see danger from far away And a dog named jake that could talk and smell danger from far away. Jake would always like to play card game`s with fin but fin would aways say no, fin would say no because jake would away`s win he only win`s because jake played it sint`s he was 5 so he would away`s win.

One day they both heard a big loud scream aaaaaaaaaaaa help us are house`s are is on fire ‘Dont worry we`ll help you right jake’ said fin ‘you go ahead i think i`ll stay here’ said jake tiredly ‘come on we have to save people’ said fin angry.

Decision 1: Jake get`s up and help`s fin
Decision 2: sit`s around here like a baby.

‘Find i`m coming but only for a little while’ said jake ‘Ok’ said fin ‘holy moly said fin and jake were gonna need bucket of water to that fire out a full bucket’ said jake.  

‘Ok so here`s the plan Jake you go and find some water to put the fire out i`ll save the people’ said fin ‘onit’ said jake LET`S DO THIS fin saves all the people and jake was just in time to put the fire out But when Jake almost threw all the water at the fire fin and jake heard a loud HELP I`M TRAPED said the last person in the fire ‘a oh’ said fin and jake ‘Hold on we`ll get you out right jake’ said fin.

Decision 1: Fin makes jake help him save the person.
Decision 2: jake helps him without fin making him help him.

‘Fin you save the person we`ll i get some more water there`s only half a bucket of water now’ said jake ‘ok’ said fin. ‘Hold on i`m coming’ said fin ‘ok’ said the person ‘got you now let`s get out of this fire’ said fin great just in time jake we needed that water wsssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh the fire went out.

‘Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooo fin and jake saved the day again’ said the little people thankyou fin and jake for puting out the fire and savind us but how are we gonna fix our house`s ‘Don`t worry all of you can live with me and jake thank you fin’ said one little person’ your we`ll come’ said fin and jake ‘Now let`s get some hot chocolate’ said fin ‘yeeeeeeaaaaaah’ said the little people.The End Task Description: If you wanna some exciting writing then simply go to my pick a path story.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Advice by De NIro

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources

Task Description: If eneone needs advice come me De Niro Elliott i will give the advice ever.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Flapping race.

Walt: share our writing on our blogs in interesting ways.

The flapping race
By De Niro

The moment I walk into my class room i saw the weirdest thing ever my literacy class was closed, I didn't know why Mr Goodwin wrote on the board that the class was closed and had to ask for permission to go in the class room.

Then Mr Goodwin sent us in the class but my group was Ruby`s was my group we were yellow. Then Mr Goodwin told us what we were gonna do, we were going to play a game called the Flapping race.

What we all had to do was all the reading groups had to stand on a coloured peace of paper and the colour`s were yellow/red/ pink/ green/ blue Then we had to Stand on the peaces of paper and on our tv was yellow/red/pink/green/blue dot`s on the scream Then we count down from 3 And then flap our arm`s like a chicken and the dot`s would because the camera would pick up the movement.

At the end the screen will say who won and who didn't. After all of us had a turn It was time for the final people to flap like a chicken dun dun dun. The people were going to the final`s were Jhyvarntreh/ Henerangi/ Naomi D/ Makayla/ Josh. At the end Naomi-D won and all the other people lost`s Naomi-D won a block of chocolate the we all had to write about it which we are now.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

FiaFia Story

Walt: use a plan when writing.

If you liked this presentation and would like to hear the whole story, read my full story at the link below!

Task Description: Using the plan Mr Goodwin gave us I wrote this story. I used descriptive words, and checked my sentences.

Friday, 8 July 2016

End of blog posting

Hi my fans i have some good news and bad news the good news is i`m going on a holiday for two weeks and the bad news is i wont be blogging for two weeks. I might be posting and blogging in the holidays i hope you will find someone like me to blog post. Thats it for now see you`s in two weeks by.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

My cool maths

A short story.

Walt: write a setting description.

Once upon a time there was a man called Dark King but his friends call him hunter. He lives in a mansion with a robot mate that helps him defeat crime makers. Boom crash bang ‘’what was that’’ said hunter ‘’it sounds like danger’’ said the robot It`s a poisonous snake’’ said Dark King ‘’robot you open the portal i`ll hold the snake off’’ said Dark king ‘’on it’’ said robot boom dark king hits the snake with an uppercut ‘’can't hold him off’’ said dark king ‘’oh no’’ said the robot.

Poof ‘’yaaaaaaaaay the portal opened’’ said robot. Boom bash smash kicked dark king and the robot kicked the snake into the portal ‘’now it's gone for sure’’ said dark king. ‘’Wait’’ said dark king robot where does that portal open too. Breaking news a big poisonous snake a just arrived a new York.’’ Ah o’’ said dark king and robot. The End.

Task Description: how i wrote this was i wrote about my art work and some other things like snakes robots portals and also poisonous snakes too.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

the big bad scary wolf

Walt: understand perceptions.    Task Description: how i did this was i  chose the big bad wolf from the story the three little pigs. Then i drew the big bad wolf and put him on my wanted poster.        

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

superhero story by deniro

Walt: write a narrative story

Poof bang   batman hits the joker. I will be back with my big monster’’ said joker. ‘’Robin come in come in man my signal is not working i`ll just have to walk back home’’ said batman. ‘’Robin i'm home where are you come on we have to go the joker is gonna bring his big monster robin there you are what happened’’ said batman the joker destroyed the secret layer aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa screamed the people outside joker has brought his big monster it's up to me and you robin’’ said batman.

‘’Joker stop this right now’’ said robin. ‘’Or what are you gonna call your mum’’ said joker.  Bang batman hits the monster it falls to the ground  it gets back up robin you take joker i`ll take the monster’’ said batman bang poof smash batman hits the monster. Robin you hold them of i'm gonna open the portal’’ said batman ‘’on it’’ said robin. Move out of the way the portal is opening now’’ said batman.
Poof bang boom smash joker and his big monster gets suked in a portal. By by said batman and robin then it was back to peace and Quiet streets of gotham city. Bang poof smash ‘’haaa what was that i don't want to fight again’’ said batman. ‘’It was just a robber’’ oh that's ok. The end

Task description: in room ten we have been writing about superhero today we had to finish off our writing our writing from Monday how we did this task was we had to chose a character and chose a place and then we chose a problem. then you start writing about your own superhero story.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Princesses and Dragons

Walt: understand perceptionsTask description: how room ten did this was we had to write hings about dragons and princesses.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Who likes spiders

Walt: understand our own perceptions.

Task description: in room ten we have been doing a lot of work.


Friday, 20 May 2016

giving cool advice

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.
task description: in Room 10 learning about giving advice. so if you need advice see pt england school.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

agent bat

Walt: use similes and metaphors in our writing.
My superhero`s Hair was as blonde as a golden egg. His amour is as strong as a hard rook and hard concrete. His cape is as soft as a pillow. He has spikes on his shoulder they are as sharp as a shark's teeth. He is tall as a roof and he is hard as a brick wall. My superheroes powers are super strength heat vision and super speed. He has a blue mask so no one can see his real face.
Task description: In room ten we are writing about our own super hero.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A great comic book class.

Walt: recount an event.
Have you ever studied about comics well team 4 is studying about comics books and comic art. I'm Looking forward to this topic. As i said team 4 is doing art.

We all had a assembly we were talking about As i see it team 2 are learning about sisense my favourite sisene is summer. The summer teacher was miss shermanic i like summer because we get to go to the beach and build sand castle and probably go to the pools.

In team 4 we are learning about comic books and making comic books and comic art. At our assembly team 4 got to watch our teachers movie called teacher vengers. The hero's names were Bat guy Wondering woman and the team leader America. The villain`s name was bear Baxindine. Back in the day cavemen yusto draw drawing on their cave walls with mud and dirt.They drew drawing of them self like art. That is what our topic is about This topic is going to be great.

This term team 4 are learning about comic book and comic art it is the best term ever.

Friday, 15 April 2016

end of blog posting for 2 weeks.

VDear fans I`m sorry that i'm not going to be blog posting for 2 week`s because today is the last day. So i won't be seeing you for 2 week`s see you on monday the 1st of may. By see you in 2 wee

Thursday, 31 March 2016

My camp recount by deniro

walt: recount about camp.

When i was at camp i did lots of cool things like (top town) (making camp bread) and burning marshmallows on the fire that me and my friends made. We had lots of fun the next day we to pools we diden`t need to have lessons we could just swim around. after the pools we had lunch then all our groups went to the hall and played basket ball and jump on the mini trap land on the big mat. the next day all our groups went to papakura pools it was lots of fun but we dident get to go the the slide. after that we went back to school and whatch a movie then waited for our perants to picked all of us up. then the bell rang then all of us could go home that was the best camp ever.

Task dicscription: in my class we all hade to write a recount about camp.

Friday, 18 March 2016

little bad riding hood

Walt: retelling the story little red riding hood in a twist.

In a far away place there lived a big good wolf. One day he was picking some strawberries for his sweet old granny wolf. His dad was also baking some cookies for Granny. So he set off to his sweet old grannies cave but while he was walking he heard something rustling coming from the thick green bushes.

It was the Little Bad Riding Hood. She jump out of the bushes and scared him. can i take a look in that basket she said no you can not take a look but why said little bad riding hood because you might steal my strawberries and my cookies that my dad baked.

Get out of my way said the wolf. he got to his grandma's house he knocked on the door the door open when he got inside he recognised something. He thought it was little bad riding hood he said to his grandma what small hands you have granny the better to hold my tea cups And what small teeth you have the better to take little bits of my food my dear but then he saw that she  had no tale your not my granny your little bad riding hood he screamed daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad his dad rushed out into the woods he saw him and when he got to him he saw that little bad riding hood was trying to kill him.
His dad ate little bad riding hood. The end

Task Description: In room 10 all my class where making a twist story about little red riding hood. My story was about the big good wolf and little bad riding hood.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

James and Jess

Walt: understand the features of narrative writing.

Once upon a time there was a boy named James. One day James was so excited because he was going to see his sister jess she was coming home from her grandma's house. When got back They did lots things that she didn't like. The next day she was going to tell james that she doesn't like his games but then james herd what jess said so then james felt sad. The next day james wouldn't come out of his room. jess said to james what's the matter said jess james said you he said what did i do said jess you said that you don't like my games i'm so sorry about that i didn't mean that ok i will come out so then james and jess lived happily ever after.

Task Description: For this task we had to pick a character, setting, and problem and write a short story.