Thursday, 17 November 2016

motat trip

Walt: think critically about texts

One day all the year 5s went on a trip to motat and two little boys went to the bathroom there names are De Niro and William. When they came out of the bath room there group was gone back to scqhool they were locked inside we slept in a little scary house with spider webs and spiders.

De Niro and william went to find food and water they found water but no food. ‘Man were never gonna find food’ said William ‘dont worry’ said De Niro look its almost day time so there gonna open the gates so we get out of this horrifiying motat.

That morning the gates opened and got out safly a happy ‘yaaaaaaaahoooooooo we made it’ said william ‘man i thought we had to stay there for ever’ said De Niro ‘ok back home now’ said William ‘yeah i geuss so’ said De Niro ‘by De Niro’ said William ‘by’ said De Niro.the end


  1. Hey Deniro it's good to see you have put alot of effert into what you have learnt to day i hope you achieve more in your reading writing and maths go for gold cousin (:

  2. cool De Niro you put in a lot of effort keep up the good work