Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space narative

Walt: structure a narrative piece of writing. 

it is the year 4017 I am leaving planet earth to find another planet because earth is dying. know one is looking after the earth so me and my dog coba will find another better earth for us people. He is a protective dog so he can protect me from aliens. He can bite their legs off and He can also talk. I have packed a lot of water and food and rocket booster shoes. While i was driving my spaceship me and my dog spotted an unknown planet. It looked very strange so i landed on the planet but before i could step out of my spaceship a strange thing was standing in the dust. It was a big big alien! I put my rocket booster shoes on and blasted away with my dog coba it destroyed my spaceship and my bag was in it Gonna have to try to live. The alien was following me and my dog so i put my rocket booster shoes on high max speed. I blasted away so fast i couldn't see where i was going soon i slowed down then i spotted a big and wide tree. I was waiting for nothing so i was going to make a tree house. It will be great. I built a treehouse with branches from the tree`s and leafs for the roof it wasn't much but i just went with it. That day i wanted to go back to my spaceship so i can fix it and defeat the alien then tell everyone on earth that me and my dog coba have found a nice place to live. I put my rocket booster shoes on grabbed my rocket blaster gun and blasted away with my dog again. We are here at my spaceship and the alien is not here but out of know where the alien jumped out the dust i shot him with my gun it just made him weak for a little while i shot him again he dropped to the ground. I shot him one more time then his legs went straight off his body then he crawled away with only his arms. We will go back to earth and tell every one that we have found a better earth then live a happy life.   THE END  

task description: For this task i had to write about two characters leaving earth to find another planet to live on be earth is dying and pollution has taken over the earth.

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