Monday, 20 November 2017

Thank you for Athletics day

Walt: Athletics day was the best.

Dear helpers i had a great time at athletics day with my mates thank you for a really really really cool great and fun day. I can't wait until the next athletics day. Thank you all for helping and making it happen.

Athletics day was a complete success i hope the next athletics day is a success it was so fun because we all had lots of fun and we all got to play with each other and cheer for each other.  My favourite game was 100 meter sprint.

Next year it will still be the same i think. Hope there will be something different. The next athletics game should be running around the whole of the pt England reserve.  

I in joyed the high jump because i think that is the most coolest activity to do. I learnt that having fun with family and friends is the best fun.

Task description: what we do for Athletics day is we get into all our house colors and were your colors then we get into like year six boys in one line and year six girls in one line then when every one is sorted we go off to our activity`s and that`ss how we do it. 

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