Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A week at school.

Hi my name Deniro and i am a year six at pt England school. On week six the year 6`s went a year six camp but i didn`t go. So i had to stay at school some year 6`s and all the year five`s. First we had to do some reading work then after morning tea  we did Xtra maths then some maths whizz then because we were being good we got to play on cool maths game`s. Then after lunch we do kiwi sport. Then we pack up and get our bags and sit on the mat. Then wait for the bell to ring. Then we go home. I in joyed playing cool maths games and i would like to thank miss Scanlan for being the best teacher ever.  Thank you for looking after us and thank you for letting us play cool maths games almost every day. Thank you Miss Scanlan.

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