Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Last week at pt england school

This week will be my last week at pt england school because i will be moving down to wanganui by my dad. Me my brother and little sister will be moving down on saturday and we have to wake up at 6:am in the morning. My antie has to come with us so well my dad is at work she can look after us after school. We were supose to go down two weeks ago but my dad had to inroll us in school so we can school down there. When we get down there my dad is going to sign me and my brother up for rugby. I think we will be playing for a club or school my dad does a lot of hard work thats why he needs someone to liv with us so they could look after us well my dad is at work. I can`t wait until we go down because were gonna do heaps of fun stuff like go to the beach the pools and do more and more fun stuff and sometimes we can go see our other family its gonna be fun.

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