Friday, 18 March 2016

little bad riding hood

Walt: retelling the story little red riding hood in a twist.

In a far away place there lived a big good wolf. One day he was picking some strawberries for his sweet old granny wolf. His dad was also baking some cookies for Granny. So he set off to his sweet old grannies cave but while he was walking he heard something rustling coming from the thick green bushes.

It was the Little Bad Riding Hood. She jump out of the bushes and scared him. can i take a look in that basket she said no you can not take a look but why said little bad riding hood because you might steal my strawberries and my cookies that my dad baked.

Get out of my way said the wolf. he got to his grandma's house he knocked on the door the door open when he got inside he recognised something. He thought it was little bad riding hood he said to his grandma what small hands you have granny the better to hold my tea cups And what small teeth you have the better to take little bits of my food my dear but then he saw that she  had no tale your not my granny your little bad riding hood he screamed daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad his dad rushed out into the woods he saw him and when he got to him he saw that little bad riding hood was trying to kill him.
His dad ate little bad riding hood. The end

Task Description: In room 10 all my class where making a twist story about little red riding hood. My story was about the big good wolf and little bad riding hood.

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