Thursday, 31 March 2016

My camp recount by deniro

walt: recount about camp.

When i was at camp i did lots of cool things like (top town) (making camp bread) and burning marshmallows on the fire that me and my friends made. We had lots of fun the next day we to pools we diden`t need to have lessons we could just swim around. after the pools we had lunch then all our groups went to the hall and played basket ball and jump on the mini trap land on the big mat. the next day all our groups went to papakura pools it was lots of fun but we dident get to go the the slide. after that we went back to school and whatch a movie then waited for our perants to picked all of us up. then the bell rang then all of us could go home that was the best camp ever.

Task dicscription: in my class we all hade to write a recount about camp.

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