Thursday, 30 June 2016

A short story.

Walt: write a setting description.

Once upon a time there was a man called Dark King but his friends call him hunter. He lives in a mansion with a robot mate that helps him defeat crime makers. Boom crash bang ‘’what was that’’ said hunter ‘’it sounds like danger’’ said the robot It`s a poisonous snake’’ said Dark King ‘’robot you open the portal i`ll hold the snake off’’ said Dark king ‘’on it’’ said robot boom dark king hits the snake with an uppercut ‘’can't hold him off’’ said dark king ‘’oh no’’ said the robot.

Poof ‘’yaaaaaaaaay the portal opened’’ said robot. Boom bash smash kicked dark king and the robot kicked the snake into the portal ‘’now it's gone for sure’’ said dark king. ‘’Wait’’ said dark king robot where does that portal open too. Breaking news a big poisonous snake a just arrived a new York.’’ Ah o’’ said dark king and robot. The End.

Task Description: how i wrote this was i wrote about my art work and some other things like snakes robots portals and also poisonous snakes too.

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