Wednesday, 1 June 2016

superhero story by deniro

Walt: write a narrative story

Poof bang   batman hits the joker. I will be back with my big monster’’ said joker. ‘’Robin come in come in man my signal is not working i`ll just have to walk back home’’ said batman. ‘’Robin i'm home where are you come on we have to go the joker is gonna bring his big monster robin there you are what happened’’ said batman the joker destroyed the secret layer aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa screamed the people outside joker has brought his big monster it's up to me and you robin’’ said batman.

‘’Joker stop this right now’’ said robin. ‘’Or what are you gonna call your mum’’ said joker.  Bang batman hits the monster it falls to the ground  it gets back up robin you take joker i`ll take the monster’’ said batman bang poof smash batman hits the monster. Robin you hold them of i'm gonna open the portal’’ said batman ‘’on it’’ said robin. Move out of the way the portal is opening now’’ said batman.
Poof bang boom smash joker and his big monster gets suked in a portal. By by said batman and robin then it was back to peace and Quiet streets of gotham city. Bang poof smash ‘’haaa what was that i don't want to fight again’’ said batman. ‘’It was just a robber’’ oh that's ok. The end

Task description: in room ten we have been writing about superhero today we had to finish off our writing our writing from Monday how we did this task was we had to chose a character and chose a place and then we chose a problem. then you start writing about your own superhero story.

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