Wednesday, 31 August 2016

pick a path

Walt: write multiple endings to a story.
Once upon a time there was a guy named fin that could see danger from far away And a dog named jake that could talk and smell danger from far away. Jake would always like to play card game`s with fin but fin would aways say no, fin would say no because jake would away`s win he only win`s because jake played it sint`s he was 5 so he would away`s win.

One day they both heard a big loud scream aaaaaaaaaaaa help us are house`s are is on fire ‘Dont worry we`ll help you right jake’ said fin ‘you go ahead i think i`ll stay here’ said jake tiredly ‘come on we have to save people’ said fin angry.

Decision 1: Jake get`s up and help`s fin
Decision 2: sit`s around here like a baby.

‘Find i`m coming but only for a little while’ said jake ‘Ok’ said fin ‘holy moly said fin and jake were gonna need bucket of water to that fire out a full bucket’ said jake.  

‘Ok so here`s the plan Jake you go and find some water to put the fire out i`ll save the people’ said fin ‘onit’ said jake LET`S DO THIS fin saves all the people and jake was just in time to put the fire out But when Jake almost threw all the water at the fire fin and jake heard a loud HELP I`M TRAPED said the last person in the fire ‘a oh’ said fin and jake ‘Hold on we`ll get you out right jake’ said fin.

Decision 1: Fin makes jake help him save the person.
Decision 2: jake helps him without fin making him help him.

‘Fin you save the person we`ll i get some more water there`s only half a bucket of water now’ said jake ‘ok’ said fin. ‘Hold on i`m coming’ said fin ‘ok’ said the person ‘got you now let`s get out of this fire’ said fin great just in time jake we needed that water wsssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh the fire went out.

‘Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooo fin and jake saved the day again’ said the little people thankyou fin and jake for puting out the fire and savind us but how are we gonna fix our house`s ‘Don`t worry all of you can live with me and jake thank you fin’ said one little person’ your we`ll come’ said fin and jake ‘Now let`s get some hot chocolate’ said fin ‘yeeeeeeaaaaaah’ said the little people.The End Task Description: If you wanna some exciting writing then simply go to my pick a path story.

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  1. Hey Cousin ,

    I love your writing it is amazing i love the way you put in all of those full stops and those comers keep it up and i t will go on well for you have a lovely safe and happy day mwahh xoxo (: