Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Flapping race.

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The flapping race
By De Niro

The moment I walk into my class room i saw the weirdest thing ever my literacy class was closed, I didn't know why Mr Goodwin wrote on the board that the class was closed and had to ask for permission to go in the class room.

Then Mr Goodwin sent us in the class but my group was Ruby`s was my group we were yellow. Then Mr Goodwin told us what we were gonna do, we were going to play a game called the Flapping race.

What we all had to do was all the reading groups had to stand on a coloured peace of paper and the colour`s were yellow/red/ pink/ green/ blue Then we had to Stand on the peaces of paper and on our tv was yellow/red/pink/green/blue dot`s on the scream Then we count down from 3 And then flap our arm`s like a chicken and the dot`s would because the camera would pick up the movement.

At the end the screen will say who won and who didn't. After all of us had a turn It was time for the final people to flap like a chicken dun dun dun. The people were going to the final`s were Jhyvarntreh/ Henerangi/ Naomi D/ Makayla/ Josh. At the end Naomi-D won and all the other people lost`s Naomi-D won a block of chocolate the we all had to write about it which we are now.

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